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Kickers Juniors


All Kickers Juniors programs will follow a curriculum developed by our coaching staff that puts FUN and DEVELOPMENT first. Our curriculum is completely player-centered and tailored toward the needs of every individual player.  We strive to create a challenging and effective learning environment for all players.  Players will be led through 30 minutes of technical and 1v1 games before splitting-up into teams for 3v3 scrimmages.

Coaching Staff

The Kickers Junior programs will be run by professional Kickers Soccer Club coaching staff members with the unique ability to develop players in this age group.  

Amador Contreras

Kickers Juniors Program

For Boys and Girls Ages 3 - 6

(Birth years 2016 - 2019)

**  Click HERE for more details about this program. **

Kickers Juniors Academy Program

For boys & Girls Ages 7 - 10

(Birth Years 2012 - 2015)

**  Click HERE for more details about this program. **